What We Do & How can we Help you

We provide a turnkey solution to your company needs for the sake of the growth of your business especially in fleet field; we look for opportunities to make your business a success story,we are here to help our consumers and fleet operators effectively to manage their fleet.We add to your business more than you can imagine. if your company was(Large, Medium / Small Company) we put our experience in your hand to avoid facing a lot of headaches while managing your fleet , 24/7 days. Instantly locate your vehicles, see where they have been, where they are, and how fast they are going. Get instant alerts on your email or mobile phone when your vehicles have exceeded speed you have set or when they enter or exit specific geographic areas on the map.

  • Reduce Risk

    Our solutions have proven highly effective in reducing business risk

    There are steps you can take to manage or minimize risk. It's important that these actions follow policy and procedure, and that they be done properly and in a timely manner. Read more →

  • Reduce fuel and Cost

    Is your fleet over using fuel due to excessive speeding and idling, or other inefficient driving behaviors?

    Your Fleet Operational Cost affected by different sources, Use good information about the past to make smart decisions for the future to reduce cost by taking the right decision, Read more →

  • Increase Productivity

    monitoring and managing the amount of time it takes a technician to arrive at a job site and the amount of time spent at the job site will increase efficiency and productivity

    Increase the number of jobs completed per day, Communicate directly with drivers and employee, Increase productivity using real-time location intelligence and trip management Read more →

  • Optimeze operations and LOFS

    Always knowing where your vehicles are allows you to respond quicker to customer emergencies and to location inquiries, serve more customers, and confirm job completion.

    Real-time GPS vehicle tracking is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the business world. Smart business managers with employees and assets on the run use a GPS fleet vehicle tracking system to help reduce fuel usage, trim other operating costs, improve fleet productivity and maximize customer service. Read more →

  • Improve Driver & Vehicle Safety

    Speeding is a huge factor in accidents, and gives your company a bad image on the road. to be notified by speeding alerts and reports to keep you on top of your drivers' behavior.

    Our responsibility towards your driver and vehicle safety while they are doing their job,is to let you make your driver and vehicle under your eyes. Speeding is one of the leading causes of accidents on our roadways. Fleet tracking system enables you to monitor the speed of each of your vehicles, in real time, and provides you with simultaneous vehicle location, idling, speeding, and fueling Read more →

  • Reduce Environmental Impact

    When your fleet uses less fuel from reduced speeding, idling, and inefficient driving, you decrease the amount of greenhouse gas

    There are several steps that you can take to reduce your impact on the environment no matter what car you are driving; there are also several steps to take while you are behind the wheel, Read more →