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Reducing Cost and Idling

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The question is how much fuel can I save by reducing my idle time? Most GPS vehicle tracking solutions provide accurate speed information about each vehicle tracked. But the best GPS solutions also include alerting features that will notify you immediately when a vehicle exceeds a set speed threshold.

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Routing Optemization and Dispatching

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for any service company ,any size easy to use work order scheduling,dispatch, and route management solution providing comprehensive functionality to run your business without bogging you down into complicated and non-value added features. and With proper routing management and effective dispatching, vehicles do not spend as much time travelling between jobs. Shorter travel times means less fuel spent on the road.

Vehicle Maintenance

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Vehicles that receive regular maintenance run more efficiently and use less fuel than neglected vehicles. A quality GPS fleet tracking system will also allow you to ensure your vehicles receive proper maintenance. Alerts can be set for each vehicle based on calendar time, engine on-time, any type of service needed.

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The word “telematics” stems from the combination of telecommunications and informatics, and it was the joining of these two sciences that resulted in the field of telematics. Our Goal is to give the best possible service, at an affordable price, for your company to walk in the right road to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions, driving performance and operational efficiencies and more benefits. GPS vehicle tracking utilizes a space based global navigation satellite system to track time and location information of fleet vehicles. This information is then transmitted to a remote user who can monitor vehicle location, speed, routing, idle time, engine start up and shut down, and much more. This information can be used to improve a host of fleet management operations including the reduction of fuel costs.

The term ‘telematics’ commonly refers to vehicle based systems that integrate GPS sensors with wireless communication and computer capabilities. These systems can provide fleet owners and operators with extensive information and intelligence on vehicle location,performance, driver behavior and a wide range of other parameters. Using these data, fleet managers can improve the productivity of mobile workers, reduce collision risks for drivers and other road users, improve fleet performance and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

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