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Telematics is the only provider of complete, fully integrated fleet and asset management solutions. We empower sales, service, and delivery companies to radically improve customer service, efficiency, safety, and operating costs. We offer a full continuum of fleet management capabilities including GPS tracking with integrated dispatch along with a range of products for locating virtually any company asset.

Why i-Telematics is your best choice?

Best Customer Service

Our customer support team is available 24/7. The support team will offer additional free product training and hardware troubleshooting upon request. From the beginning of the sales process till after purchase,we make sure you will find success with our product.

Unlimited Data

Most servers only provide 12-18 months of historical data. You can use your full history for trend analysis, or to prove service long after it was provided to your customer.

Software Development

We specialize in software development and we are continuously advancing our highly customizable and user friendly platform based on customer requests. Every year, we provide and improve upon the most technologically advanced GPS fleet tracking solution on the market.

Customizable Features

We provide a wide range of customizable reports, alerts, maps, and other features designed to meet your most challenging requirements. The majority of our solution’s capabilities have come from the input of our customers. We have provided many one- day customizations for customers, and most requests are completed within a timely manner.

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    Imagine if we work to the far future to solve whole the problem

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  • Transport & Logistic

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  • Oil & Gas

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  • Taxi

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  • Vehicle Recovery

    How to Find the Best Car Recovery Service

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  • School Bus

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  • Car Rental

    Are you searching for new clients?

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  • Waste Management

    in this modern life style , recycling became one of our main resources for second hand material,

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  • Delivery fleet

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  • On Road Service

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