• Public Transportation

    Manage fixed-route and variable route bus service, define and edit bus routes, fuel efficiency, and analyze on-time performance.

    We use satellite technology and advanced computer modeling to track vehicles on their routes. We carefully match each system's transit information needs. Read more →

  • Logistics

    With GPS tracking, dispatchers know the exact location of every vehicle in a fleet

    Customer satisfaction is impacted as a result of improved delivery efficiency as well as efficient sharing of information regarding the cargo transport, and your customer can monitor his goods to know " Where is it.... When it will delivered " Read more →

  • Car Rental

    it’s hard for a car rental company to know if a vehicle will be returned on time

    With GPS tracking devices, you can track, manage and set up custom alarms for your fleet of cars. Read more →

  • School Bus

    Improve student safety and enhance operational efficiency with GPS tracking solutions for school buses.

    The school wanted a tracking system so that parents and administration could know where their students are at any given time on any of their buses. Read more →

  • TAXI

    Technology comes to the rescue in the form of GPS tracking devices and the benefits that they provide.

    With us, you can Determine which of your drivers is closest to a client Give your drivers real time Read more →

  • Oil and Gas

    Oil & Gas industry operating under some of the most remote and challenging regions

    Safety is the key in oil & gas industry, the company wanted to implement a fleet management solution whereby they could track the movement of petroleum & oil tankers and also monitor the driver behavior effectively, and much more Read more →

  • Improve Customer Service

    i-Telematics’ world-class fleet management solutions enable our customers to better serve their clients.

    How? With functionality such as real-time and historical tracking, efficient jobs & messaging and ‘managed locations,’ our customers are employing effective mobile resource management on a daily basis. Commercial fleets use i-Telematics products and services to successfully plan their driver and vehicle schedules, assigning the closest and most suitable vehicles to each particular job. Read more →