Keeping EYE on your mobile assets at all times Your real-time GPS based convenient tracking solutions with interactive online portal which effectively guarantee vehicles and assets tracking updates with 24/7 access offer.

Why i-Track?

i-Track is a simple, easy to use tracking software to manage real time and historical information on mobile assets status thus to aid cost-effective and informed fleet management decisions. i-Track is the most efficient, integrated and automated way of managing vehicles and drivers by keeping fleet managers informed all times.
i-Track is an interactive web portal providing access to complex tracking information in a simple and meaningful way. By using i-Track, fleet managers can instantly identify areas for improvement, track and trace their mobile assets (vehicles locations, routs, and geo-fence, operation status, in addition to fuel and maintenance management) and measuring driver behavior. Whether the business motivation is to reduce operation and maintenance costs, lower carbon emissions, improve fuel efficiency or increase driver safety, i-Track is a dynamic tool that facilitates business improvement.
How does it work?
i-Track is an internet based portal to i-telematics fleet management services that puts vehicle and driver information at the fingertips of the fleet manager anytime, anywhere. Information flows from the vehicle, via the secure infrastructure over GSM/GPRS mobiles Networks to i-telematics Secure Host Servers, and can also be delivered to your tablet or smart phone. Effective GPS vehicle tracking software provides detailed reporting, mapping and more. While your GPS tracking devices gather information regarding the location, arrival times, departure times, speed and direction, fleet health, driver behavior of your entire fleet, your fleet management software; i-Track, brings all of the information together in the form of mapping and reporting allowing you to make sense of your fleet’s activity.

i-Track gives you all answers you need, whenever you need it

With i-Track you are able to maximize returns from your investment and meet the challenges of your business environment by improving fleet safety, communication between fleet and management, and fuel management through real-time monitoring, optimized trips planning and management, and sufficient reporting.


    Real Time and Historical Tracking
  • Enabling fleet managers to access a real time and historical movements, locations and routs, fleet status, alarms, events and much more at anytime from anywhere
  • real, fast and accurate GPS positioning at any time
  • powerful mapping tools (geo fencing, routing measuring … and more), including Google, Bing and Navteq maps
  • receive real time alerts (speeding, accidents and very wide range of alerts) and events notification on your screen, email and mobile
  • controlling your vehicle, cutting fuel or power to stop it at any time
  • Creating and including custom map layers for customers, vendors or any land mark from your select
  • reply trips and history on map

  • Driver Behavior Monitoring and vehicle Maintenance
  • Save your fleet and operating cost from bad driving and accidents while improving your driver and vehicles safety, keep your vehicles healthy and do maintenance at the right time
  • automatically Score your drivers by Risk and safety scores based on various key indicators
  • monitor driver speeding and seatbelt usage
  • harsh acceleration and harsh breaking sharp corner turns
  • After-hours and out work-area vehicle use
  • Plane and manage your vehicle maintenance
  • get maintenance reminders and notifications on your screen and email
  • stay informed by any health information comes from your vehicle computer and prevent any engine damage or unusual fuel consumption caused by a fault

  • i-Track instant Reporting
  • I-Track reports keep fleet managers insight, and give managers effecient tool to make the right decisions
  • automated reporting, select your report and persons and get it at the time
  • reach report repository, for work flow, efficiency and performance covering all aspects
  • advance visualization, charting and analysis’s reports
  • Export too much extension types as Excel, PDF, and Word

  • Communication and Job Dispatching
  • Enabling 2-way text messages as part of the real time tracking to stay always connected to your fleet and efficiently dispatches jobs
  • Job allocation using find nearest vehicle feature
  • Send your job with instructions to the right vehicle and driver according to job requirements and fleet availability
  • keep informed on each job dispatch and receive confirmation from your employees
  • stay informed by any message that the driver can send to you and reply him at any time

  • Enabling safe mobile calls within group and with fleet management using integrated “Hands-Free” kit (optional)
  • Control and minimize car accident risks by having “hands-free” car kits integrated to your vehicles tracking devices
  • Enhance job dispatching efficiency by having vocal communication between the dispatching officer and the fleet
  • Save money by having “within group” free calls arrangement and stop spending money on new mobile phones

  • Go Green
  • Enhance company environmental performance by controlling fuel consumption and monitoring emissions
  • Increase productivity and reduce mileage and fuel
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Monitor fleet emissions to air