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Waste Management Organizations Private or Public.

Waste Management
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Use our solutions, you can achieve great operational efficiency and economy in retail, commercial, or municipal collection, disposal, and recycling services. We solve critical operations and risk reduction challenges for waste management organizations private or public.
• Automatically track when your vehicles enter and leave transfer stations
• reduce the time drivers wait for dispatch instructions
• Making each of your drivers more productive every moment.
• Visually track where each vehicle has been on a given day
• Providing both accountability and the ability to optimize routes
• Improve customer service.
• Speeding and Idle time
• Reduce their fuel costs while ensuring that their drivers are safe and driving appropriately.

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We provide the location of all vehicles, people and assets in the field in real-time. Dispatchers can speed responsiveness by sending the closest vehicle to a job, use location information to mitigate customer complaints, eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage and minimize inefficient routing.

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Increasing fleet efficiency is of utmost important to all fleet managers. With fleet management technology, managers will have a transparent view of all fleet activities, allowing them to make informed decisions to eliminate inefficiencies, improve operational processes, and deliver excellent customer service.