i Fleet Managment

i-Fleet is your perfect choice for a reliable, integrated, comprehensive and customizable fleet management solution. This multi-lingual solution aid improving operations, asset utilization and driver safety with GPS software that scales to fleets of all sizes. i-Fleet is your cost-effective solution to cut costs while improving business operations through optimizing idle trips time and minimizing total mileage and thus reducing labor and fuel costs. i-Fleet provides businesses with the most effective tools available in the market to be successful with GPS across the enterprise. i-Fleet flexible GPS hardware options and powerful reports makes best use of extensive and complex information collected automatically and remotely from your Fleet to keep you informed and supported for best decision making. i-Fleet understands the uniqueness and needs of your business, therefore, whether you are tracking vehicles, high-value assets or personnel, it is your perfect choice of automated Telematics solutions which can be customized to address emergent needs. i-Fleet is an easy to use, multi-lingual and full informative real time system that will cover all information you need with a powerful analyzing tools and extensive report system

    Key features and functionalities of i-Fleet include:
  • Real-time tracking and history reply
  • Customers, vendors, land marks and location management.
  • Intelligent analyzing and automated reporting.
  • Fleet work groups, work areas and time management.
  • Fleet, drivers licensing and citation.
  • Fleet maintenance, services and remote diagnostics.
  • Fuel analyzing and management.
  • Live alarms, alerts and accidents reporting
  • Fleet safety, risk and driver behavior monitoring.
  • Jobs, dispatch and live messaging
  • Vehicle controlling.
  • Geo fencing and routing management.
  • And more…..

How Does It Works

i-Fleet reliably collects Live Data that comes from your fleet and mobile assets (Vehicles, Persons and Assets) like location, fuel usage, time, distance, remote vehicle DTC and Engine Data, Drivers Identity, and a lot of information that are then securely transmitted over the air by one of a wide range of telematics devices that connected to the vehicle or personal locators. i-Fleet processes for data collection and transmit is a stable and scalable to meet your business needs. Once data transmitted to i-telematics servers, all collected information can be accessed at any time, while processing and analyzing it by using latest business intelligence technology, and reporting analysis results to your attention thus to enable measuring all fleet at any time and to enhance the performance and efficiency of your fleet.

Improve Driver and Vehicle Safety

i-Fleet helps you improving drivers and vehicles safety by facilitating real time monitoring of drivers and vehicles behavior. And equally important, it enables you to easily and instantly use complex historic records which are simplified and translated to risks and safety scores based on various key indicators - speeding, seatbelt usage, harsh braking, sharp corner turns, over acceleration, and after-hours vehicle use. Overall, i-Fleet enables monitoring vehicle health and measure driver’s on-road behavior in real time and over historic periods of your choice to reduce risk and improve driver and vehicle safety. With the Accident and Crash detection or harsh breaking you will be notified on any time, and will help you protect your driver, vehicle and save your money.

Unique Management and Measurement Tools

Beside all previous features and functionalities, i-Fleet provides you with cost-effective management and planning tools for:

  • Optimization, utilization and efficiency management
  • Fleet, drivers, teams, work groups, work times and work areas management
  • Customers, vendors, landmarks and location management
  • Geo-fencing and routing management
  • Jobs and dispatching
  • With i-Fleet you can CONTROL and MANAGE fuel and keep track with all change on fuel consumption and prices over the time. With i-fleet fuel consumption metrics you can measure any factor contributing to inefficient fuel consumption (such as driver behaviors, excessive speeding or idling) in addition to fuel filling monitoring to effectively reduce poor fuel consumption in a real time manner. i-Fleet allows creation of fleet maintenance records and assign maintenance programs to the vehicles with a schedule. Also, it aids notifying maintenance schedules to fleet managers including when it arrived to the maintenance workshop thus to keep your fleet safe and available at any time. I-fleet comes with a unique feature that allows you to do a remote vehicle engine diagnostics (OBD & DTC), which will help you to be informed in a real time of the mechanical condition of your vehicles, most importantly those not usually noticed or undervalued by the drivers, thus to help you prevent any damage that could happen in the future and save your money.

    Fleet Resource Management

    Making informed decisions with regard to the management and planning for your fleet and fleet operations require measuring and analyzing several complex parameters and digging into gigantic database of information. i-Fleet is the answer to bringing measuring and analysis results needed for your informed decision making to a your finger click. i-Fleet is a flexible and integrated tool for managing data feed from your vehicles and your business related information (including company structure such as branches, departments, sections, grads, salaries, jobs and employees), stores and processes all your company fleet information’s, and present it to you, any time your request, in the simplest and most informative way possible. i-Fleet is a cost-effective and efficient tool to plan and manage your fleet resources using all related information to allow you to MEASURE and ANALYZE performance and costs and as such to make best decision. i-Fleet deals with wide range of real time and historic fleet related information including vehicles, drivers, licenses, contacts, time sheets, employees skills and there grads, rates, driving behavior, citations, vehicle health and status, mileages …etc.